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From sketchbooks


Created in Bali in 1998. From Torsten Schlüter’s travel notes: “… Cockfight drawn. Frenetically cheered on and previously hyped up birds, armed with hoes and knives, fighting each other to the death – the “Balinese bullfight”. However, a 5-times winning rooster achieves hero status and is allowed to retire to the chicken farm for the rest of his life. A seemingly barbaric, brutal game in which the men bet their gold…”

Hiddensee records

The island of Hiddensee occupies a special place in Torsten Schlüter’s graphic work.
Further works under HIDDENSEE.

Water buffalo

The artist has been fascinated by these Indian “models with horns” for years. More can be found under the work theme INDIA.

Well women

The women drawing water from the wells of India have inspired Torsten Schlüter to create large-format canvases for years. More sketches and realizations can be found in the work theme INDIA.